• White WordsSilently on the Tide (Walleah Press, 2005).

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  • Flower Cone – Physick (Shoestring Press, 2016).  First published in Famous Reporter.
  • Echidna – Physick (Shoestring Press, 2016). First published in Famous Reporter.
  • The Duck’s Guts – Last Days of the Mill (Forty Degrees South, 2012); Physick (Shoestring Press, 2016). First published in Famous Reporter.
  • Dove Lake Tanka – Silently On The Tide. First published in Midday Horizon, 1996, edited by P. Boyle, M. Bradstock and M. Langford (Published by Round Table).
  • Sunset on the Irish Festival –  First published in Famous Reporter.
  • Skullbone –  First published in Communion.


Below is a recording of Pete reading ‘Sound to the World’ at the launch of Physick, Hobart Bookshop, 18th August 2016.

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